The NCFA’s ProLogger Program was officially started in 1994 in response to a record 13 timber harvesting fatalities in North Carolina in 1993.  In cooperative effort directed by the NCFA, Forestry Mutual Insurance Company, the North Carolina Department of Labor and the North Carolina Forest Service share teaching responsibilities during the base ProLogger course.  The base course promotes safety, business and environmental awareness.  All loggers who want to become a ProLogger must take this base course that includes two days of classroom discussions and one field day.

In 2005, the ProLogger program added continuing education element where as all ProLoggers must take an annual class to remain a ProLogger in good standing.  The annual classes are referred to Modules. The ProLogger year runs from June 30th to June 30th.  Currently, over 1,400 ProLoggers have taken the base class and have met their continuing education requirement.

Training for the 2015-16 year will begin in September of 2015.  The required course this year is Module 16. 

All ProLoggers must take Module 16 and pay their ProLogger dues ($110) by June 30, 2016 to remain in good standing.

If you have any questions about the ProLogger program or your ProLogger status, you can contact Eddie Reese at (800) 231-7723 ext. 2 or Chris Brown at (800) 231-7723 ext. 3 /