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Student Programs

 Student Programs


Branching Out with NCFA

Request a FREE forestry outreach program from Director of Education, Amy Juliana. These programs highlight the field of forestry and wood products industry, and correlate to science and social studies standards. Currently available to students in K-6th grade in central Piedmont counties. All programs are 1 hour or less. See below for a list of our available programs, curriculum correlations and information on how to request a program.

  • Chatham
  • Durham
  • Franklin
  • Granville
  • Harnett
  • Johnston
  • Lee
  • Nash
  • Orange
  • Wake

Available Outreach Programs

  • Who Lives in the Woods: The forest is a wonderful habitat for many plants and animals. Discover what animals live in the woods by looking at skulls, pelts, tracks and other animal evidence.
    • Most appropriate for kindergarten through sixth grade.
    • For kindergarten and first grade program is 30 minutes
    • Indoor program
  • Goods from the Woods: Did you know wood is the only natural resource on Earth that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable? In North Carolina, the forest products industry helps create more than 5,000 wood and paper products that we use and enjoy each day - everything from baby food and ice cream, to rayon and paint, items like toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine and household cleaners are also made from wood and paper products. Discover the goods we get from the woods and the industries that help create them!
    • Most appropriate for second through sixth grade.
    • Indoor program
  • Tree Stories: Every tree has a story to tell. Identify the parts and function of a tree. Then uncover the trees past and share their story.
    • Most appropriate for third through sixth grade.
    • Indoor program
  • Junior Forester: Foresters have an important job to do in North Carolina! They help protect, develop and manage our natural resources. Explore the local ecosystem and practice your math skills by measuring the trees in your schoolyard.
    • Most appropriate for fifth and sixth grade.
    • Must have outdoor space with trees to measure. A courtyard or green space near the classroom is appropriate.
  • Career Days/Special Events/Presentations: NCFA would love to participate in your event. Please contact Amy Juliana with the details.

Scheduling An Outreach

Plan Ahead - In order to get the desired date, please plan ahead and provide several suggestions. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Some months are busier than others are and outreach will be limited.

Schedule a Program - Submit a program request. Please fill out all boxes. If you are scheduling for a several classes or the entire grade level, please provide a suggested schedule. The Education Manager will review all requests within 3-5 days. You will receive a program confirmation once the outreach event has been booked.

  • Please note that when scheduling a program, the outreach should not begin at the first bell or end at the last bell. This is to ensure the programmer is not in conflict with the bus/carpool lanes.
  • Due to limited resources, class size is capped at 30 students.
  • Can provide multiple programs per school per outreach day. Great option if you would like the entire grade level to participate in outreach programs. Classes should be consecutive and a 30 minute break for instructor is necessary. See below for example schedules:

45 Minute Class Schedule:
Class 1: 8:15-9:00
Class 2: 9:00-9:45
Class 3: 9:45-10:30
Class 4 10:30-11:15

1 Hour Class Schedule:
Class 1: 8:30-9:30
Class 2: 9:30-10:30
Class3: 11:00-12:00

Request A Program

Please submit a forestry education outreach request form to Amy Juliana at Amy will follow up with your program request in 3-5 business days

Forestry Education Ambassador Network

Do you live outside of the central Piedmont area? Request information from our Forestry Education Ambassador Network. This list of industry professionals are interested in connecting to educators in their communities. Find an ambassador near you by contacting Amy Juliana

Student Programs
Student Programs