NC Tree Farm

batts tree farm

Judy and Dwight Batts were the NC Tree Farmers of the Year in 2012.

Tracing its roots back to the 1940’s, The American Tree Farm System can lay claim to being the oldest form of certification or recognition system for the practice of growing trees and sustaining   sustainable forests in America.  For generations, American landowners and farmers have proudly posted their Tree Farm signs as a way of displaying their stewardship values.

“Our sign has been out there in the woods for years,” stated Dave Woodmansee, a long-time supporter of the North Carolina Tree Farm.  “Most folks recognize the sign means that the forest is being well-managed.”

North Carolina forest owners have been part of this tradition since the program’s inception.  The North Carolina Tree Farm program has over 800 Certified Tree Farms in the program today.  Under the direction of an executive branch of interested Tree Farmers, the North Carolina Tree Farm program typically hosts three or four workshops for forest landowners in addition to a few more workshops designed for foresters interested in becoming a certified Tree Farm Inspector.

In 2013, the North Carolina Tree Farm program gained 501c (3) status, which makes it a non-profit organization.

North Carolina boasts 18.6 million acres of forestland.  85% of these forests are privately owned and roughly 64% of these forests are owned by private, non-industrial landowners.  Successful Tree Farmers believe that the key to sustaining our state’s forests is the sharing of information on various programs that are out there to assist landowners be better stewards of their forests.  The group also believes that North Carolina should pursue public policy that promotes forestry and the conservation of working forests and farms in our state.

If you are a landowner who would like to become a Tree Farmer
or a forester who would like become a certified as a Tree Farmer inspector,
please contact Leslie McCormick at (919) 917-8646 or