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North Carolina’s healthy, productive, and diverse forests include 18.6 million acres, covering 60% of the state. This forestland provides the starting point for the forest products industry, which is North Carolina’s number one manufacturing industry in terms of employment and wages. North Carolina has twice as much forestland than it did over 70 years ago, demonstrating the success NCFA members and its partner organizations have achieved through active management and good stewardship of our forests.

NCFA is North Carolina’s oldest forest conservation organization. The Association works tirelessly to sustain the long-term health and productivity of the state’s forests through the promotion of positive public policies, valuable education programs that address important environmental issues, and beneficial training programs for industry professionals.

Today, NCFA is a private non-profit organization with ties to every aspect of forestry and the forest products industry in North Carolina. The association is the voice for the industry in our state, NCFA remains committed to ensuring that the impact of forestry is felt and heard from the mountains to the coast.