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The North Carolina Forestry Association, the state’s oldest forest conservation organization, was established in 1911. While the NCFA’s role has evolved over its history, its membership remains committed to sustaining the long-term health and productivity of the state’s forests through the promotion of positive public policies and education programs that address important environmental issues.

Among its achievements, the NCFA successfully supported “The Right To Practice Forestry” legislation in 2005 in the North Carolina General Assembly. This legislation provides protection for forest landowners to continue to manage their forest in an urbanizing North Carolina. By becoming a NCFA member, you will be supporting forestry interests across the state.

The NCFA is a private non-profit organization of 4,000 members with ties to forestry and the forest products industry. Throughout the year, the NCFA offers a variety of programs and services to forest landowners, the general public and forestry professionals that promote responsible use and management of our state’s forests.

In addition to its education efforts at the North Carolina General Assembly, the NCFA trains the best loggers in the state through its ProLogger program. These ProLoggers earn continuing education credits each year to remain in good standing. The courses focus on safety, environmental issues and strong business practices.

North Carolina’s healthy, productive and diverse forests include 18.6 million acres, covering 60% of the state. This forestland provides the starting point for the forest products industry, which is North Carolina’s number one manufacturing industry in terms of employment and wages. North Carolina has twice as much forestland than it did some 70 years ago, demonstrating the success NCFA members and partner organizations have achieved in actively managing our forests over the years.

Benefits of Membership

  • Representation before local, state and congressional officials and regulatory agencies on a daily basis by NCFA staff.
  • The ability to be involved in the political process in North Carolina through the introduction of ideas and/or recommendations for legislation that would forward forestry and the forest products industry.  The ability to be involved in thwarting potentially harmful legislation to forestry and the forest products industry.
  • One-on-one technical support and information on rules, regulations and laws affecting forest landowners and management.  The ability to participate in the regulatory rule-making process.
  • Access to quality professional development training programs for foresters, landowners and ProLoggers.  Educational outreach initiatives that forward a positive forestry message to school children, teachers and the general public.
  • Delivery of publications such as a weekly e-mail newsletter, a bimonthly newsletter, membership directory, annual report and other special reports designed to keep members up-to-date on key issues.
  • The opportunity to attend an Annual Meeting that educates members through a speaking program that features leading authorities and offers opportunities to interact with peers.
  • An invitation to Forestry Day in the Legislature where members sit down to lunch with members of the North Carolina General Assembly and discuss issues impacting forestry.
  • Participation on NCFA committees/task forces.