Ensures Healthy, Productive, and Sustainable Forests



NCFA’s Education Committee identifies initiatives that increase public knowledge and understanding of the forestry and wood products industry. The committee also proposes new educational programs for the NCFA to serve the youth of North Carolina. Additionally, the Education Committee provides resources for STEM educators to help their students better understand the forest industry.

Forest Management

The NCFA’s Forest Management Committee serves to advance proper forestry goals in North Carolina. The committee covers a wide range of topics, such as industry standards to important regulatory issues. The Forest Management Committee pools knowledge and resources from across NCFA’s various membership categories in order to ensure the responsible use and management of North Carolina’s forests.

Government Affairs/Communications

NCFA’s Government Affairs/Communications Committee advises on advocacy efforts alongside NCFA’s executive director. Similarly, this committee contributes to the NCFA’s communications mission of sending a positive, correct message regarding the state’s forest industry to the public. To this end, the Government Affairs/Communications Committee consists of a diverse group of NCFA members with skills and knowledge applicable to increasing legislative equality and public perception.

North Carolina Sustainable Forestry Initiative – State Implementation Committee

The NC SFI-SIC is committed to promoting the sustainable management of forests in North Carolina. The NC SFI-SIC supports programs and initiatives that help forward sound forestry practices within the forest products industry and other forestry related entities.

To maintain SFI certification, a member company must document that it's approved management and/or procurement policy is being followed on a daily basis.

The NC SFI SIC provides a hotline for the public to report perceived forestry practices that are inconsistent with SFI program goals. NC SFI SIC’s Inconsistent Practices Monitor toll free number (877) 271-6531.

Safety, Logging & Transportation

The SLTC Committee focuses on identifying safety and business trends in the forest products industry, especially in the logging profession. The committee develops training materials incorporated into the ProLogger base course and the annual ProLogger module classes.