Friends of Forestry PAC

The Friends of Forestry Political Action Committee is one of the top 25 business FFPAC’s in North Carolina. Our success in the General Assembly is directly related to our ability to educate candidates on the importance of forestry to our state’s environment and economy and our PAC’s ability to support candidates that are friends of forestry and the forest products industry.

Formed in 1999, the FFPAC is non-partisan and not affiliated with any political party and is registered with the North Carolina State Board of Elections. The FFPAC was  formed to provide financial assistance to candidates for statewide political  office who support forestry and the forest products industry.

The Friends of Forestry PAC conducts a Reverse Raffle on an annual basis. The drawing typically raises over $25,000 for the FFPAC.  Anyone who has purchased a ticket is welcome to attend the drawing where finger foods and beverages are served as attendees tracked their luck on the big screen.  The object of a reverse raffle is to be the last ticket left in the drum.

The FFPAC Reverse Raffle will take place on June 5, 2018 at the Raleigh Garden Inn.  

HOW DO I CONTRIBUTE?  If you would like to become a FFPAC supporter, your contributions must be personal funds.  For example, the FFPAC cannot accept a donation on a company check or company credit card.  You can contact the FFPAC’s treasurer, Amy Juliana , at or by call (800) 231-7723 ext. 2.  As a reminder, donations to the FFPAC are not tax deductible.

WHO IS A FFPAC GOLD MEMBER?  The FFPAC maintains three levels of sponsorship – Gold, Silver and Bronze.   Gold members donate $500 annually and are automatically a member of the Friends of Forestry PAC committee. They attend meetings and are instrumental in the decisions and distribution of FFPAC funds.  Silver members are supporters at the $200 a year level.  They receive recognition and updates on the FFPAC meetings.  The Bronze level is all contributors under the $200 level.

WHY IS A PAC NECESSARY? In short, it is critical that forestry interests take an active role in politics in North Carolina support state legislators who support forestry.

The “Right to Practice Forestry” law of 2005 is landmark legislation that recognizes a landowners’ right to practice forestry.  Each year, the NCFA and others support legislation that benefits private landowners and forest products members.

As North Carolina continues to urbanize, it is worth noting that more than 51% of the voting population comes from 14 urban counties.

WHAT ARE THE PURPOSES OF THE PAC? To promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating forestry interests to take a more active and effective role in governmental affairs.

Financially support those candidates for state election who are knowledgeable and/or supportive of forestry needs.

Assist forestry and agriculture interests in organizing for more effective political action in carrying out its civic responsibility.

Create awareness among candidates of the importance of forestry to the economy and the environment.

WILL THE PAC SUPPORT CANDIDATES FOR FEDERAL OFFICE? No. The Friends of Forestry PAC was formed as a state PAC and will not participate in federal elections.

WHAT ARE THE BASIC RULES IN SOLICITING CONTRIBUTIONS? All monies solicited shall be voluntary contributions and may not be secured by physical force, job discrimination or financial reprisals, or by due, fees, or other monies required as a condition of membership or employment, or as a requirement with respect to any terms or conditions of employment. Additionally, North  Carolina law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address,  job title, or profession and name of employer or employer’s specific field for  each individual whose contributions aggregate is in excess of $100 in an  election cycle.

IS THE FRIENDS OF FORESTRY PAC AFFILIATED WITH ANY MAJOR POLITICAL PARTY? NO. The PAC is not bound by Democrat or Republican (other any other) party. Environmental and business issues are not party specific. Support of a candidate will be based on their voting record, past support of forestry issues or their stated platform regarding forestry related and business issues.

WHO WILL MAKE THE DECISIONS ON WHO TO SUPPORT? All members who contribute $500 or more to the FFPAC are invited to the FFPAC meetings to determine who to support and how much will be contributed to an individual campaign.  This committee will solicit and accept advice from all FFPAC contributors and others knowledgeable about the candidates.