North Carolina’s oldest forest conservation organization


Board of Directors

Adams, Todd
Adams & Howell

Andres, Jadie
EGGER Wood Products, LLC

Bentley, Stacy
Columbia Forest Products

Biggs, Keith
Forestry Mutual Insurance Company

Bishop, Blair
Bishop Forestry & Land, PLLC

Bissette, Scott
North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Boyette, Jay
North Carolina Farm Bureau

Burleson, Doug
Canfor Southern Pine

Casey, Andrew

Charest, Chris
H.W. Culp Lumber Company

Creed, Clay
ZV Pate, Inc.

Daniels, Chuck
Domtar Paper Company

Daughtry, Rudy
Canal Wood, LLC

Davis, Rett
Tree Farm Chair

Doster, Tony
Resource Management Service, LLC

Dowling, Tripp
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation

Elliot, Rob
Evergreen Packaging, Inc.

Evans, Bruce
Timber Stand Improvement, Inc.

Faircloth, Ashley
Pine State Forestry

Gadd, David
Satisky & Silverstein, LLP

Goulding, Brett
Campbell Global

Hoyle, Jason
Hunt Forest Resources

Hunt, Perry
Hunt Forest Resources

Hurley, Dylan
Montgomery Community College

Jenkins, Lynn
Wayne Community College

Johnson, David
Weyerhaeuser Company

Keating, AJ
Summit Logging, LLC

Killian, Lauren
Enviva Biomass

Logan, Chris
Valwood Corporation

Lumpkin, Arturo
The Lumpkin Group

Mathis, James
Arauco - North American

McLaurin, Boyd
Canal Wood, LLC

Megalos, Mark
NC State Extension Forestry

Melvin, Roger
Toney Lumber Company

Myers, Zack
Select Timber Service, Inc.

Newton, Russ
Parton Lumber Company

Owen, Wib
Southern Group of State Foresters

Patram, Mike
Edwards Wood Products

Randolph, Henry
Gelbert, Fullbright & Randolph Forestry Consultants, PLLC

Reavis, Jim

Rose, Bernard
WestRock CP, LLC

Sheehan, Glenn
Greenwood Resource Inc.

Shuford, Jacob
Bristol Industries

Smearman, Scott
Domtar Paper Company

Storm, Alexander
Haywood Community College

Thompson, Nancy
Weyerhaeuser Company

Ward, Cierra
Resource Management Service, LLC

White, Lacy
Tri-State Land & Timber, LLC

Whitesell, Allen
Troy Lumber Company

Williams, Jimmy
J.M. Williams Timber Company

Wilson, Jocelyn
Weyerhaeuser Company

Wolgemuth, Andy
International Paper Company

Worley, Lori
Weyerhaeuser Company

NCFA Board of Directors’ Minutes

Previous meeting minutes from NCFA’s Board of Directors meetings are available. The minutes are restricted to NCFA Board members only. Please contact the NCFA office at (800) 231-7723 for the password.

Executive Committee

The NCFA Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair of the NCFA Board of Directors, a President, a President-Elect/Treasurer, a First Vice President, and three Regional Vice Presidents, and the NCFA Executive Vice President. The Executive Committee is affirmed each year by the NCFA Board of Directors, with the three regional vice presidents being one-year appointments, after which one of the three may move to the First Vice President Position.

NCFA Executive Committee

Perry Hunt

Perry Hunt

Chairman of the Board

Doug Burleson

Doug Burleson


Allen Whitesell

Allen Whitesell


Nancy Thompson

Nancy Thompson

First Vice President

Rudy Daughtry

Rudy Daughtry

Eastern Vice President

James Mathis

James Mathis

Piedmont Vice President

Rob Elliot

Rob Elliot

Western Vice President

Dr. John Hatcher

Dr. John Hatcher

Executive Director of the North Carolina Forestry Association