Legislative Update

The NCFA’s legislative efforts are directed by the NCFA’s Executive Vice President Pryor Gibson.  Gibson, who served in the North Carolina General Assembly for more than a decade, interacts with elected officials and their staff on a daily basis, providing input on issues that impact forestry and/or the forest products industry.

(l-r) NCFA Executive Vice President Pryor Gibson, Representative Michele Presnell, and NCFA members Greg Decker and Jim Sitts pose for a photograph during the 2016 Forestry Day in the Legislature.In addition to working with members of the General Assembly, NCFA staff also participate on several state regulatory committees, commissions and agencies to ensure that forestry interests included in existing or future regulatory actions.

The North Carolina General Assembly works on a two-year session cycle.  The “long session” occurs in odd years (2017) while the “short session” takes place in even years.  A long session starts in January and runs into July.  A short session typically starts in May and runs into July.  Typically, the NCFA’s Forestry Day in the Legislature will take place in May.

It is important for our membership to remember that they have the ability to impact the legislative process by reaching out to their elected official.   A complete list of House Members and Senate Members with their phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found on the North Carolina General Assembly website.  We encourage all members to take the time to find out who represents them so they can provide input on issues that may impact forestry.

During the session, top legislative issues the NCFA are following are reported in our weekly release, Zipline.

At the conclusion of each session, the NCFA will provide an overview to its members.