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TreeLine Magazine Articles 2023

2023 First Quarter

"Be Pro Be Proud is designed to change how individuals of all ages think about existing job opportunities within the target sectors and engage them in becoming part of the solution."

"We give Lumberton a lot of trees for Arbor Day, as well as donate trees in Southern Pines and Lumberton, and a lot of other cities in North and South Carolina. This is my heart."

"TreeSnap connects researchers with people who find surviving trees. Users simply snap a photo of a survivor, answer a few questions about it, and upload the notes and photo into the app. The tree can then be studied by scientists and used to improve tree breeding programs."

"Three principles encompass a circular economy, driven by design:

  1. Eliminate waste
  2. Circulate products and materials (at their highest value)
  3. Regenerate nature"

"One of the most significant benefits for forest landowners is that the Act appropriates $400 million in competitive grants and cost share for underserved forest landowners or forest landowners who own fewer than 2,500 acres."

2023 Second Quarter

"The biggest challenge I have is getting my peers in the industry and our business partners to understand the reputation that Roseburg has in Oregon. Exhibiting patience, integrity, and gratitude is crucial to demonstrate that reputation." - Pete Hancock, Roseburg

"There are five financial assistance programs offered to help landowners achieve a wide range of management objectives. These include the Forest Development Program (FDP) and the NC Prescribed Burning Cost-Share Program, both of which received recurring legislative funding in 2022. The FDP, North Carolina’s flagship tree-planting program, has helped plant 820 million trees on more than 1.5 million acres since 1977." - Philip Jackson, Public Information Officer for the NC Forest Service

"Maximizing timber cost basis is a critical component of tax savings for forest landowners. However, calculating timber basis for a forest landowner’s individual situation can be complex; therefore, consulting a knowledgeable forest Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or attorney is strongly recommended." - Andrew Bosserman

2023 Third Quarter

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2023 Fourth Quarter

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