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Module Course - Existing ProLoggers

The NCFA’s ProLogger program consists of a continuing education element that requires ProLoggers to participate in one three-hour class on an annual basis. This class, called a Module, is a uniform production that is distributed throughout the state to participating companies and foresters interested in helping ProLoggers keep their status in the program. The Modules are developed through input from the North Carolina SFI State Implementation Committee, the NCFA’s Safety, Logging and Transportation Committee, Forestry Mutual Insurance Company, North Carolina Department of Labor, North Carolina Highway Patrol (Division of Motor Carriers) and the North Carolina Forest Service.

Module 22 Available Now!

In order to provide our logging force with the latest training while maintaining the safety of our communities, NCFA, in coordination with the North Carolina Sustainable Forestry Initiative – State Implementation Committee, is excited to offer our ProLoggers the opportunity to view our Module 22 course online!

ProLogger CFE Training Sessions

To host a Module 22 class, contact Mike Powell at (919)-834-3943 ext 6.

  1. Pactiv Evergreen and Parton Lumber are hosting a class Friday, June 24, 2022 located at Gilkey Clubhouse (217 Gilkey School Road Rutherfordton, NC). Registration opens at 9 am and the class will start at 9:30. Please contact Shannon Buckley at (828) 289-0980 or Russ Newton at (828) 287-6683 with questions.