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ProLogger Hold List

The NCFA maintains a ProLogger Hold List for all professional loggers who would like to become NCFA ProLoggers, but have not had the opportunity to take the required Base Course yet. A professional logger is not added to the ProLogger Hold List until the NCFA office staff have received all information, including payment. Once a logger is added to the Hold List, they are registered for the next available class. The Base Class DOES NOT have a restricted limit of participants.

The ProLogger Hold List is password protected for NCFA member companies.

While most of the companies participating in the ProLogger and SFI programs recognize the NCFA ProLogger Hold List as an intent to take the next available Base Class and will accept wood from professional loggers on the ProLogger Hold List. It is your responsibility to contact the company representative to confirm that. Loggers will only stay on the list for one year. If after a year, a professional logger has not taken the Base Course, the logger will be removed from the Hold List.

Professional loggers and arborists who would like to take the base course should download the registration form (available from the ProLogger home page) and either mail it to the NCFA office with a check/credit card number or fax it to the NCFA office at (919) 832-6188. For more information please call (800) 231-7723.

 ProLogger Hold List