ProLogger Profiles & Lists

In an effort to track the progress of the annual training requirement for the ProLogger program, the NCFA maintains a database with all of the ProLoggers.  The NCFA maintains a complete list of active ProLoggers on the Members Only Website. 

Click here to reach the login page 

A ProLogger can find his/her current record by logging into the NCFA’s Members Only Website.  A ProLogger can use his/her ProLogger ID number as the username and password to log in initially.  ProLoggers are encouraged to change their username and password in addition to updating their contact information if it has changed.  A ProLogger will able to see if he/she has:  1) taken the current module training or not, 2) paid his/her dues, 3) when his/her certification is good through, and 4) how long he/she has been a ProLogger.

The complete list of ProLoggers is a NCFA member company benefit.  Member companies can access the updated ProLogger list by logging into the Members Only section as their company.  If a member company needs help with its log in name and password, please call the NCFA for assistance. 

As a review, the ProLogger listing shows the Manual Class as either Yes or No.  A Yes signifies the ProLogger has taken the current annual training module.   A No means he/she has to take the class.  Payment for is shown by Yes or No.  The ProLogger year runs from June 30-June 30 each year with a 30-day grace period on final payment.  Once a ProLogger has paid his dues and taken the current module, his/her status will move to August 1, of the next year.

All ProLoggers who have met the academic and financial standards for 2017 have been updated to expire on August 1, 2018.