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Education Materials

 Education Materials

Goods from the Woods


Through research and technology, we have learned to convert tree fibers and paper-pulping residues into a wealth of products. In fact, there are more than 5,000 wood and paper products that we use and enjoy each day!

Unlike fossil fuels, metal, and plastics, wood can be harvested, used, regrown, and harvested again and again in a never-ending cycle. With proper forest management, we can enjoy thousands of products and still have plenty of trees for wildlife habitat, clean air and water, recreation, and aesthetic beauty today and in the future.

Our Goods from the Woods kits contain 14 products derived from trees, a description of the product, and the Project Learning Tree Activity We All Need Trees.

Contact Abigail Ridge to receive a kit via mail. You can also download product cards here.

Video Series

Learn about the many products derived from trees that we use every day at home or school! The Goods from the Woods videos are geared towards 3rd-5th grade students, and they are great for anyone who wants to learn about products from trees and how they are made.

A Tree's Dream

Forestry and education partners from across the Southeast collaborated to create "A Tree's Dream." These materials teach youth about ways we are conserving Earth’s natural resources and protecting the environment through a video and accompanying lessons. Follow the dream of Tim the tree as he fulfills his dream of becoming part of a family’s home.


  1. Is Clearcutting Bad For Wildlife?
  2. Parts of a Leaf
  3. Tree Identification: Leaves
  4. Parts of A Tree
  5. Forest Succession - Out of Print
  6. The Carbon Cycle
  7. Life Cycle of a Tree
  8. Goods from the Woods

Carbon Rack Cards

These cards highlight the relationship between carbon and our forests and are a great resource to share fast facts for 8th-12th grade students.

Click for three different educational cards: