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Education Materials

 Education Materials

Good from the Wood Boxes

There are more than 5,000 wood and paper products that we use and enjoy each day - everything from baby food and ice cream, to rayon and paint, items like toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine and household cleaners are also made from wood and paper products. However, what makes all of these products special is that they come from a renewable resource - trees. The NCFA shares Goods from the Woods boxes at various events and they are available upon request. Each box is loaded with 13 items and includes a description for the contents.

New Goods from the Woods Study Bag - Each bag contains 13 items found in a classroom that helps students make the connection between our forest and our forest products. Click here for a description of the bag's contents.

Lesson Plan

Overview: Every part of a tree can be used to make something. From wood to extracts from leaves, roots to crown, more than 5,000 products are made. In this class, students will gain an appreciation of the value of trees and understand just how much we depend on trees in our daily lives.

A Tree's Dream

Forestry and education partners from across the Southeast collaborated to create the new environmental education program, "A Tree's Dream." These materials teach youth about ways we are conserving Earth’s natural resources and protecting the environment through the “A Tree’s Dream” video and accompanying lessons. Follow the dream of Tim the tree as he fulfills his dream of becoming part of a family’s home.


Teachers can request education materials by calling theNCFA at (800) 231-7723 or by emailing AmyJuliana at [email protected]. Please include the address of your school and the quantity of posters you are requesting.

  1. Parts of a Leaf
  2. Tree Identification: Leaves
  3. Tree Identification: Fruit - Out of Print
  4. Parts of A Tree
  5. Forest Succession - Out of Print
  6. The Carbon Cycle
  7. Birds of the NC Timber Forest
  8. Life Cycle of a Tree
  9. Goods from the Woods

Education Publications and Documents

ABC's of Forestry Booklets

Careers in Forestry and the Wood Products Industry

Digital Jigsaw Puzzles - Forestry Facts

Forestry Education - Google Drive Link

Forestry Puzzle Pack

FFA and Envirothon Quizlet

Spotlight on Careers Series Profiles:

  1. Timber Buyer
  2. Procurement Forester
  3. Forest Health Specialist
  4. Lobbyist
  5. Program Manager
  6. Executive Director
  7. Forest Supervisor
  8. Logger
  9. Forestry Instructor
  10. VP of Sustainability
  11. Sawmill Supervisor
  12. County Ranger
  13. Consulting Forester
  14. Industry Forester
  15. Natural Resource Specialist
  16. Forestry Contractor (Site Prep)
  17. International Marketing Specialist

The first edition of our Focus on Forestry Careers booklet is now available! This resource highlights 15 professionals working in our community. This project is ongoing and additional profiles will be added. If you would like to be featured, please contact Amy Juliana.