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Hunting Lease Liability Insurance

The North Carolina Forestry Association’s Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Program provides a one-year policy that goes into effect August 1 and expires August 1 of the following year. While the policy offers broad coverage, it is strictly hunting lease liability insurance and does not take the place of liability insurance unrelated to leased hunting activities. Land covered under the policy cannot be subleased and must be located in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia.

Each distinct owner of the land (whether the owner is an individual, partnership, trust, corporation or other) must maintain a membership in the NCFA and qualify for insurance coverage by filling out a separate application form. Since the policy names both the landowner and the hunt club as insureds, each receives a certificate of insurance, and each must be a member of the NCFA. The NCFA requires that each ownership and hunt club be represented by a person who has the legal authority to represent the ownership or hunt club.

The NCFA annual membership fee for landowners is $50 for ownership of up to 500 acres plus $0.025 per acre for any acres above 500. The annual membership fee for hunt clubs is $75 per club. These fees provide a one-year membership in the NCFA and include all the benefits of membership. Both the hunt club and the landowner must be NCFA members in good standing to qualify for insurance. If you are not sure whether you or your hunt club is a member of the NCFA, please call 919-834-3943 or 800-231-7723 to verify your membership.

Consult the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission (919-733-3391) for more information on hunting seasons and other rules and regulations.

In order to obtain hunting lease or timberland insurance all parties have to be a member of the NCFA.

Timberland Liability Insurance