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TreeLine Magazine Articles 2022

2022 First Quarter

Member: Albert Coffey, CF, RF

"My original reason for joining the NCFA was to become part of the larger forestry community following my retirement. I have enjoyed being a member of the Forest Management Committee and hearing viewpoints from representatives of industry, consulting, university, and agencies, as well as landowners. Taking part in discussions of issues facing our profession has enabled me to make better decisions for properties that we manage." -Albert Coffey, CF, RF

Member: Allen Plaster

"I grow trees because it is a good, positive thing to do — economically, socially, and environmentally. When I became a consulting forester, the environmental and social aspects of forestry became more apparent and important to me." -Allen Plaster

Company: IFCO Seedlings

"Our North Carolina nursery is one of our hybrid facilities where we produce both bareroot and container seedlings. A strong network of seed orchards that are set up for production and collection of high-performing open-pollinated and control-pollinated selections supports the broad nursery network. The Mobley family continues to make significant investments into technology, seed-producing complexes, nursery locations, and key personnel." -Andrew Stewart, Genetic Investment Advisor, IFCO Seedlings

2022 Second Quarter

Attribution: Brandon Davis, Phelps Dunbar

"U.S. employers are already managing the Great Resignation that followed the onset and aftermath of COVID-19 in 2020. In addition, employers who rely on the H-2B guest labor program are facing a labor shortage that will only be compounded if H-2B wages are expanded to certain agricultural occupations." -Brandon Davis

Member: Bryan Wagner, Forestry Mutual Insurance Company

"My day-to-day job is to train timber cutters and chainsaw operators or users of non-mechanized equipment. I do a lot of different safety training for users of mechanized equipment also, including operators of feller bunchers, skidders, and loaders. I also help with the different states’ training programs, which includes the NCFA’s ProLogger program."

Attribution: Andrew Bosserman, Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP

"Many tax considerations arise for forest landowners, such as timber sale income, timber basis calculations, and casualty loss deductions. While these considerations are significant, the most important tax determination for forest landowners is proper classification of their forest activity" -Andrew Bosserman

2022 Third Quarter

Member: Allen Whitesell, Troy Lumber Company

"We believe that the value of an actively managed forest at the time of harvest is several times that of one that isn’t managed. Troy has a high cost of site preparation and planting, but we have seen firsthand how this can increase the growth and value of our forest." -Allen Whitesell

Company: Toney Lumber Company

"We work on 19 acres, which is small for a sawmill, but I’m proud of how we have continuously provided a quality product with a solid repeat customer base. We have great folks working for us and are fortunate." -Roger Melvin

Member: Jesse Burdette, Pactiv Evergreen

"Taking on a 'say yes' mentality feels like pure insanity at first, but it aids greatly in learning all the different aspects of your industry. I specifically recall that the first several years of my career were spent learning the ins and outs of the 'hands-on dirty work.' However, that investment of time and willingness to learn is what ultimately afforded me the opportunity to become a fiber procurement manager at a paper mill at the age of 25." -Jesse Burdette

Member: Kenny Cain, Lumber River Timber Company

"The safety aspect of the ProLogger program is the main benefit. We have to remain safe while doing our jobs and the ProLogger program does an excellent job of making this a priority." -Kenny Cain

2022 Fourth Quarter

Attribution: Amanda Murphy, NCFA director of communications, and Kat Peters, NCFA communications intern

"Every year, the NCFA’s Annual Meeting draws members from across North Carolina for three days of forestry presentations, exhibits, and networking events. This year was the first since 2019 that the Annual Meeting has taken place in-person and the NCFA staff could not have been more excited."

Member: Orrin Goure, Columbia Forest Products

"My primary role as a procurement forester for Columbia Forest Products (CFP) has me working with loggers, landowners, consulting foresters, sawmills, and log yards to supply the mill with logs. I am also CFP’s certification manager, where I work with stakeholders and auditors to ensure that the management of our certified properties meets certain criteria. I frequently engage the United States Forest Service to provide feedback about projects and management planning." -Orrin Goure